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    Knockout game video: roving teens suckerpunch strangers in latest trend

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    You just gotta love our industrious youth. You can underfund public schools, close recreational facilites, and shutter music programs and after school sports all you want, but teenagers are gonna find a way to exercise their bodies and minds one way or another.

    Out on the East Coast, from D.C. to Boston, there's a game they're playing called "Knockout." The rules are simple. Walk down the street and appear to be minding your own business. When some unsuspecting stranger comes walking the other direction-- BIFF!! KNOCKOUT! Bonus points if you stroll away without looking at the poor soul twitching on the sidewalk.

    Seriously though-- Some of us here at TOMO can't even believe this is a thing... And it's our job to animate the news of the strange 24/7! Teens, you do realize if you play this game, its only a matter of time before you roll up on the wrong person and get your clock cleaned, und up in jail or worse-- end up in a coffin.


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