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    My PS4 is Broken. - SoldierKnowsBest


    by soldierknowsbest

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    Ali Salman
    By Ali Salman2 years ago
    i don't think this is the cause. i would have shown the padding inside the ps4 box.

    mysteriously - the two consoles released yesterday (xbox and ps4) are virtually identical apart from exteriors. they are rather old pc clones - the jaguar processor in both was released a few years back. both have blu ray - quite how microsoft got that blu ray license is intriguing.
    both are made in same factory.
    what i am saying is that sony and microsoft are hiding collaboration with each other - sony is broke but had blu ray. microsoft have a ton of money. an arrangement was made between the two to slash manufacturing costs.
    microsoft was tasked with finding the best manufacturing deal - and microsoft being microsoft - sony now have a BIG problem on their hands.
    the deal struck meant lower quality control and less discretion about third party components. ie. hdmi processing and inputs. the cheapest out sourced producer got the deal and guess what? now there are problems.
    there are NO custom chips in either 'console
    By Sickofwar682 years ago
    I will wait a little before I buy one
    By yumataz2 years ago
    wii u !!!
    By Sickofwar682 years ago
    Meech Jacobs
    Like ALL tech devices, I wait a while to cop. Gotta give time for the inevitable bugs. You have 2 PS4s? #WIN
    By Meech Jacobs2 years ago