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    by BalconyTV

    XYLOURIS / WHITE performs the song "SPAD'S GARDEN" for BalconyTV.
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    Xylouris White is a group of 2 musicians, Giorgos Xylouris and Jim White. Together they have developed a unique musical style, a mix of traditional Cretan music with rock. George Xylouris is Crete's master of the lute and Jim White is a well established drummer worldwide. Following their appearances in Greece and New York they plan to release their album "Goats" in the Spring, where traditional melodies toy relentlessly with drum patterns. The album is inspired by the rich tradition of Cretan music, stories of urban and rural landscapes and the epic poetry of Erotokritos.

    Giorgos Xylouris ( Psarogiorgis), was born into a musical family (his father is Antonis Xylouris (Psarantonis) and his uncle was Nikos Xylouris) From eleven years of age he would accompany his father at village functions, and participate in recordings. Giorgos Xylouris plays the lute as a solo instrument, in contrast to the traditional accompaniment role the lute has in Cretan music.

    Jim White is an Australian drummer who first attracted international attention in the mid-1990 when he formed Dirty Three, an instrumental rock band. Since 1996 White has played with various artists including PJ Harvey, Smog, Nick Cave, Beth Orton, Marianne Faithful, Cat Power and Will Oldham, who all declare that there is more to White's drumming than mere accompaniment. There have been projects with filmmakers, collaborations with visual artists; and an album of duets with the singer Nina Nastasia and a series of collaborations with the Boxhead Ensemble. Its unique playing style sounds like a full band one moment and something stark and beautiful the next.


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    Bon Studio S.A. from Athens for the Istanbul Agop Cymbals endorsement ( 30th Anniversary 22" Ride, 30th Anniversary 14" Hi Hats, Crash 16" Turk)-

    Video: Mike Dimitriou
    Sound: Fotis Papatheodorou

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