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    Rahul Gandhi at Raipur (Chhattisgarh) addresses election rally

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    We have been told that Congress party doesn’t take any action against terrorism. Our whole leadership is being killed. Our leaders had risen from the ground levels that were fighting for Chhattisgarh; killed by Naxals even Shukla ji and his son were killed. It’s a long list. Nothing took place for that, nobody got to know about this. People are being killed here on regular basis.

    There are more Moaists dominant place here than any other state. BJP questions us that we are not doing anything against terrorism. You people please explain this to me that BJP’s leaders roam around in other states but they never speak a word against terrorism here. Where there is fear and violence take place then it’s difficult to develop there. True!
    They go to other states and cry over corruption but don’t they see corruption over here? People know who is corrupt and who is not, how much money has come from centre government, people know everything.