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    Eat Chocolate to Ward Off Fat

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    by Geo Beats

    Keeping extra fat at bay could be as easy as eating chocolate.

    Keeping extra fat at bay could be as easy as eating chocolate.

    New research has linked chocolate consumption with less body fat and a lower body mass index in adolescents.

    The study was conducted by University of Granada scientists and involved nearly 1500 European participants between the ages of 12 and 17.

    Scientists monitored their weights and waist measurements as well as how much chocolate the subjects ate, although they didn’t keep track of which kinds.

    During their assessments, they didn’t factor in exercise levels, the amount of saturated fats eaten, or gender as they felt those would cloud the focus.

    An overall approximation of each participant’s physical activity level was considered and established based on observation.

    In the end, the researchers confidently proclaimed that those who ate more chocolate had both lower waist and body mass index measurements.

    The news isn’t only a great moment for chocolate lovers, it offers helpful information about larger health issues.

    Said the authors, the findings, “ are also important from a clinical perspective since they contribute to our understanding of the factors underlying the control and maintenance of optimal weight.”