Top 4 Tech Stories of the Day


by wochit

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Sony's PlayStation 4 might have only hit store shelves hours ago, but it's already been torn apart to reveal its internal components. The team at iFixit published its teardown of Sony's latest console. The device received a score of 8 out of 10 for repairability thanks to its lack of adhesive and a "non-proprietary hard drive (that) is easy to access and replace." Sony's new console, however, did get dinged for the need to disassemble much of the console to clean the fan.
Interim CEO John Chen says BlackBerry isn’t dwelling on the past, but looking to the future . Unfortunately for the languishing smartphone maker, some of its big clients are doing the same, even in spite of Blackberry's new products. Other companies, like Pfizer, are responding to the uncertainty around Blackberry's business by beginning to phase out its devices entirely. In a recent memo to employees , Pfizer — one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies — told the BlackBerry users among them to switch to an iPhone or Android handset when their wireless contract next permits an upgrade, due to BlackBerry’s “volatile state.”
It seems that Facebook may not be the only Silicon Valley giant that has been beguiled by the gone-in-several-seconds photo app Snapchat. Following rumors that Facebook offered to acquire the app for $3 billion , a report from Valleywag says Google made an even bigger offer . According to the report, which cites sources familiar with the deal, Tencent was the first suitor to value Snapchat at $3 billion to $4 billion. Google, which had been approached for "strategic investment" at around the same time, heard about Tencent's interest in Snapchat, and decided to top the Facebook offer.
The PS4 is out, and problems have already been reported. Many review outlets have had difficulty with the HDMI ports on their units, and there's a bit of anecdotal evidence that involves malfunctioning systems. Another problem is software, as in, there really aren't all that many must-have PlayStation 4 games at launch, with exclusive Sony titles like Killzone: Shadowfall and Knack failing to impress.