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    A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relax

    Club Love

    by Club Love

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    Electric Relaxation was the second single from A Tribe Called Quest's third album Midnight Marauders. It was the first and only video by the group to be completely filmed in black and white.

    The video starts off with a wide view of Queens, as we eventually see the group riding in a taxi on their way to a diner. Q-Tip and Phife trade rhymes in the taxi for the song's entire first verse.

    While riding Q-tip looks out the window and sees a woman who he is fond of, and she looks back. Then while standing by a few fountains in a park, Q-Tip sees her again. Soon the group end up at a diner and are ready to order.

    Everyone in the diner is seen laughing, bobbing their heads to the beat, and having a good time, while Phife talks to his friends about a bad event he had with this girl he liked. ("She simply said 'No,'/labeled me a hoe/I said, "How ya figure?"/"My friends tell me so!")

    Then, Q-tip spots the woman from earlier through the diner window.

    Then it turns out that the girl has been following Q-Tip the whole time, and the video ends with her outside the diner.