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    Anger in Albania over plans for Syrian chemical weapons to be destroyed in their country

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    About 5000 Albanians have been protesting in the country’s capital Tirana against plans for the country to be used as a base for dismantling Syrian chemical weapons.

    They carried banners and placards reading “No to sarin, Yes to oxygen, let us breathe” and “No to chemical weapons in Albania.”

    The US has asked the Albanian government to take on the job of destroying Assad’s stockpile of nerve gas with promises of financial reward in return.

    In Tirana, officials said no decision had been taken although the prime minister has indicated he is in favour.

    Albanian parliament speaker, Ilir Meta, told protestors: “This is your parliament, this is your government. No decision has been taken and will not be taken before listening to your voice and all the Albanian citizens.”

    Albania has previously dismantled its communist-era stockpiles of chemical weapons. However the destruction of weapons shells in 2008 killed 28 people.

    Albanians angry at the prospect of hosting sarin gas and other chemical weapons in their country, accuse the US of exploiting its poorer ally.