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    Top 4 Celebrity Stories of the Day


    by Wochit

    Jennifer Lawrence is taking her first shot at producing, as she will produce the film The Glass Castle , which she will also star in! It was reported earlier how Jennifer Lawrence had expressed an interest in the movie, but now that interest seems to have definitely piqued! In a recent interview, JLaw said that when it came to this recent development, she had a little help from her mom. The movie will be an adaptation of the novel written by Jeanette Walls that chronicles Walls' life growing up with an artistic mother and alcoholic father.
    Greg James, a radio presenter on BBC Radio 1, must have balls made of steel to get fully naked, ride an actual steel wrecking ball, post the video on YouTube, and then meet Miley Cyrus face to face afterwards. Greg never meant to start a war with his parody, and luckily for him, Miley was a good sport about it, and actually thought the video was hilarious. Fresh off her Live Lounge performance on Tuesday, Miley was surprised by a nearly naked Greg waiting for her on a wrecking ball. Mileybird feigned shock, as if anything could shock her, and jokingly scolded Greg: "What are you doing naked? None of the kids should see you like this. You're a bad influence on the world." Then Miley Cyrus did what Miley Cyrus does best, and hopped on the wrecking ball with Greg. Miley went on to call his video "great," and admitted that she was watching it and laughing on the drive over to the BBC Radio 1 Studios!
    Jennifer Lawrence is easily one of the most fashionable starlets in Hollywood these days. Even so, J.Law insists she has nothing to do with her chic factor, saying "I really would not call myself a fashion icon. I would call myself somebody who gets dressed by professionals.It's like, 'Dance, monkey, dance' right on the red carpet.' I would call me more of a monkey."
    Heads up, Katycats! Katy Perry just released a preview clip of her upcoming music video for "Unconditionally." The 42-second snippet is packed with so many different things that it's hard not to get sensory overload. The glamorous scene takes place inside what appears to be a castle and flashes intermittently to lyrics from the romantic ballad. Then viewers are treated to slowed-down ballroom dancers, a mother and child sequence, curtains catching on fire, owls flying into the room, and of course, a young couple looking happily in love. The entire video is expected to drop on Nov. 19 on MTV.