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    Google: Government Data Requests Tripled in 3 Years

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    Siri 335
    By Siri 335November
    Same here, didn't trust google from the very beginning and saw it coming, although I gotta admit they topped my wildest imaginations.
    1)Very rarely used google search (if so mostly for maps)
    2)never signed up for gmail,
    3)stopped using my YT account when they forced you to have a google account and only came june 2013 to post regularly under NSA affair video
    4)never had a cell phone and sure never will buy an android stuffed with google.
    changed to DM :):):) and dragged a few people with me
    5)going to delete my YT account (and whatever came forced with it (google, google+)on new years eve :D
    6)block all google scripts.

    I don't miss a dam thing!
    By Dalsky2 years ago