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    DEBATE - Egypt: Embracing Russia After US Snub

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    Russia and Egypt were once firm friends, but their relationship has been on the backburner for decades. Now there are signs of a revival. Russian ministers are in Cairo to discuss military cooperation - reportedly an arms deal worth some two billion dollars. It comes weeks after Washington announced it was cutting aid to Egypt because of concerns over human rights. So is post-revolution Egypt turning to Russia at the expense of the US? Laura Cellier and her panel discuss.

    William JORDAN, Former Official at the US State Department;
    Oleg KOBTZEFF, Assistant Professor at the American University of Paris;
    Ron Ben YISHAI, National Security Commentator for Ynet news;
    Tarek RADWAN, Egypt specialist and Associate Director at the Atlantic Council.

    Produced and prepared by Emma James and Haxie Meyers-Belkin
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