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    Kyoto 'Nine Hours' Hotel Offers Sleep Pods Instead of Rooms

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A hotel in Kyoto, Japan features capsules which take the place of standard rented rooms.

    Luxurious hotels with fully stocked bars, highly trained staff, gyms and a wealth of other amenities sometimes forget one of the most important things a guest needs … sleep.

    A hotel in Kyoto, Japan eliminated all those distractions. The minimalist establishment features futuristic décor but the main feature is the sleeping capsules which take the place of standard rooms. The design element has been described as sci-fi, thanks in part to the sleep technology utilized in the capsules and the modern, streamlined surrounding furnishings.

    The hotel simply named 'nine hours' is reflective of the well known fact that humans need, on average, about seven hours of sleep per night to stay healthy and wake up refreshed for the following day.

    The remaining two hours at the hotel are broken up between getting ready for bed and the early morning preparations needed for a new day,
    which include spending some time in the hotel’s shower and locker room with separate facilities for each gender.

    Each pod is equipped with a Panasonic sleeping system that is said to gently induce the guest to a deep slumber.

    What do you think of the minimalistic hotel concept?