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    Australian Post Office Tests Video Stamps

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Australia Post is testing out stamps that, via a QR code, allow customers to record, send, and view personalized video messages.

    If you think being able to put any picture you want on a postage stamp is cool, what Australia Post is testing out will blow your mind.

    They’re adding QR codes that link to personalized video messages at no extra charge.

    To use one, customers need only go and buy one of the specialty stamps, scan the code, and send the letter or package.

    Then, using an app, they record a 15 second message.

    When the mail gets to the recipient they can either use the QR code to view it or go to the post office’s website and type in the stamp’s numeric code.

    The message stays retrievable and downloadable for 90 days.

    For those troubled by the fact that anybody close enough to the stamp to scan it can watch the video, Australia Post provided some advice.

    They said, “If you wouldn’t put it on a postcard, don’t put it in a Video Stamp.”

    They’ve printed a few million stamps for the test period and believe those will sell out by Christmas.

    If the postage is a success, they’ll continue to offer the video option, but may charge more for it.