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    Hairy Crabs Run Free on German Train

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    by Geo Beats

    A train in Germany recently became infested with large crabs after a container fell over.

    Crabs aren’t usually considered the most attractive creatures on the planet. And in an unexpected setting, they can be downright creepy.

    A train in Germany recently became infested with scurrying large crabs after a container fell over, dumping them onto the floor and giving the crustaceans freedom to take off. The situation was first recognized after workers on the train, which had been headed from Hamburg to Stuttgart noticed the crabs moving along down the corridor.

    Classified as Shanghai Hairy Crabs, they are said to have furry claws. The box which had been holding the crustaceans belonged to two Chinese train passengers.

    According to a local police spokesperson “They were able to round up 10 crabs. Others weren't found and remain at large. The crabs caught were spared the cooking pot.”

    The captured crustaceans were handed over to firefighters who in turn left them with a local animal expert. Only four out of then ten crabs managed to survive.

    An authority for the train station addressed fears that the remaining crabs may be creeping around, by saying he believed any leftover crustaceans were most likely dead.