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    Hot New Internet Trend - Swants

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    A new trend is gaining steam in which people are turning unwanted, old sweaters into sweatpants.

    A new trend is gaining popularity on the web and people are turning unwanted, old sweaters into sweatpants. The end resulting garment is adorably nicknamed Swants, for Sweater pants.

    A tutorial is now out, allowing anyone to make their own seriously warm pants. The process is actually rather simple. The wearer must first put his or her legs inside the sleeves of the sweater.

    The next step is to cut the neck out with a pair of scissors. Continue cutting, going a little deeper on the front side of the sweater and leaving more fabric in the back for extra coverage.

    Once everything is cut, the crotch area can be stitched by joining the two shoulder seams together, and then sewing up the front and back. Excess fabric will have to be folded and pleated origami style.

    Although the process is intricate, any beginner can complete the task. Once finished, the style can be worn by both men and women.

    West Knits, the company that released the tutorial proudly noted “A pair of swants a day keeps the chilly chills away. ”

    What do you say? Would you wear Swants?