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    Suicidal Tendencies - You Can't Bring Me

    Club Love

    by Club Love

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    You Can't Bring Me Down is a song by Suicidal Tendencies, released in 1990 on the Lights...Camera...Revolution! album.

    It went on moderate commercial success and aided in Suicidal's transition from a hardcore punk band to a thrash metal one.

    The song was a successful single, becoming arguably the band's best-known song.

    The song begins with a hypnotic whammy bar solo, then goes into a clean, almost acoustic sounding rhythm guitar part, and then a guitar solo is added over it.

    The solo continues for a while, featuring 8-finger tapping and shredding, then the tempo speeds up and the song breaks into the main riff, and the first verse of lyrics, and finally the chorus.

    This continues until around 3:40, when suddenly the rhythm guitar is clean again, the tempo slows down, and another solo comes in. Then finally towards the end of the song it goes back to the main riff, only this time with lead vocalist Mike Muir ranting and almost talking instead of singing.

    Then the song goes back to the chorus, the chorus extends (with yet another guitar solo), and finally ends (Muir's last lyrics being "Suicidal!" and then cackling).