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    Justified shooting? Citizen kills two armed robbers in Reading, Pennsylvania

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    An unidentified man licensed to carry a firearm is being hailed a hero after he shot and killed robbery suspects William Medina, 24, and Robert DeCarr,18, in Reading, Pennsylvania. The men had robbed the Krick's Korner Market on Kutztown Road and Moss Street around 2pm on Tuesday.

    According to police, Medina and DeCarr were driven to the store by suspected accomplice Alexander Garcia-Bialek, 21. Medina and DeCarr entered Krick's Korner Market wearing masks and armed with guns. They pointed their weapons at store employees and took cash, cigarettes and lottery tickets.

    Watching the robbery from the street was an unidentified friend of the store's owner. The suspects left the store and were confronted. The suspects took out their weapons and the armed citizen took out his, shooting Medina and DeCarr in the chests.

    One suspect collapsed just outside the front door. The other walked 10 to 15 feet before falling down. Both Medina and DeCarr died at the scene.

    Police say the shooting was justified and have no plans to charge the unarmed citizen. Berks County District Attorney John Adams said get-away driver Garcia-Bialek is liable for the death of his accomplices and will be charged with second-degree murder.

    While family members of the deceased attempted to portray the suspects as victims, internet commenters were less forgiving. "If they just robbed a convenience store they are far from victims. This warms my heart knowing that they are dead. Throw them in a ditch and lets move on," was the quote from one popular comment.


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