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    Vicious assault: Two men videoed curb-stomping bystanders at Red Sox victory parade

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    A disturbing video has surfaced on YouTube showing a fight that occurred after the Boston Red Sox's victory parade through central Boston. In it, two men are seen taking cheap shots at some of the brawlers who were knocked down in the commotion. At least twice during the disturbing video, the men are seen kicking the heads of people who were already down on the ground, and in one case one man is seen being knocked unconscious by way of what's known in street fighting circles as a "curb stomp."

    Liam Browne, 23, and Kieran Boyle, 21, were brought into a Boston courtroom and charged with assault and battery for their part in the melee. Currently, Brown is out on bond, while Boyle is still in jail waiting to make bail.
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