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Bloomberg News curtails investigative reporting in China, sources tell NMA

4 years ago8 views

Bloomberg News reporters are hardworking. They toil at their desks for long hours. And Bloomberg's famous well-stocked pantry ensures endless workdays.

But lately, Bloomberg reporters in Greater China are finding their stories spiked. The stories are deemed too sensitive, sources tell NMA.

According to sources, in the past two weeks Bloomberg killed stories that investigated corruption at state-owned enterprises and implicated several high-level officials.

The spiked stories come as founder Michael Bloomberg prepares to leave the New York mayor's office. After leaving, Michael Bloomberg has said he plans to visit leaders in Beijing and give speeches about Bloomberg's business.

In addition, Editor in Chief Matthew Winkler in a conference call compared China to pre-war Nazi Germany and said Bloomberg reporters should find a way to cover China just as AP reporters did in Germany.

Bloomberg terminals are a cash cow. Subscriptions cost as much as $20,000 per year. But much of the customer base in China is state-owned financial institutions. Is this why Bloomberg is reining in its reporters?


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