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    Top 6 Lady Gaga "ARTPOP" Album WTF Weird Lyrics!


    by ClevverMusic

    Lady Gaga weirdest "ARTPOP" Lyrics!
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    Little Monsters we've got ya covered! Here's Lady Gaga's biggest WTF lyrics from her album "ARTPOP! This is ClevverMusic of course, welcome back. After what seemed like an eternity ARTPOP has finally landed on Earth, and not without some out of this world Gagalicious lyrics. So here's our Top 6! Our 6th WTF lyric is from track "Sexx Dreams", which BTW Gaga says is not about actual sex dreams, but real aspirational dreams. The standout lines read, "You could turn a stone/ Or the color of a man petrified by a woman". Ah yes, comparing man to wood. Moving on to number 5 we've got the honest piano ballad "Dope" which confuses us with, "Up heaven's stairway to gold/ Mine myself like coal/ A mountain of a soul". I think she's referring to digging deep within your soul to go from high on substances down to earth and reality? Your guess is as good as ours. Our 4th WTF lyric is from the galactic song "Venus" where Gaga makes a joke and it makes us really happy, "Saturn/ Jupiter/ Mercury, Venus- uh ha!/ Uranus!/ Don't you know my ass is famous?" Thanks to Gaga's VMAs shell-kini outfit and her "Do What U Want" cover art, her ass is indeed famous. Jokes on us! At number 3 we have her new song "Jewels N Drugs" and these lyrics make us hungrrry, "Slap honey on your pancake/ We know how to make that money/ Jewels and drugs be that hustle/ Smother em!" Seriously, we can't help but lol a little bit after that one. Let's keep going this is too much fun! Number 2 comes from her track "Swine", not surprisingly. The song's unique subject matter treats us to these lines, "Payback, how much will I ask you, squealer? (let your body jiggle)/ That skinny, let your ass go quicker (it's the thrill of ecstacy)/ Maybe I should have a little more just to stay out of my mind?" Honestly, we're not really sure what these lines mean, can you help us out? Leave a comment. And finally! Our favorite WTF lyric from "ARTPOP" is of course from her Versace inspired song "Donatella". Sing it Gaga, "Walk down the runway but don't puke (it's okay)/ You just had a salad today, Boulangerie/ Just ask your gay friend's their advice, before you/ Get a spray tan on holiday". Ya gotta admire Gaga's bravery in lyrics and her honesty. Pop lyrics at their finest if you ask us. Mother Monster challenges our thoughts while delivering delicious poppy tunes. Tell us if we missed an awesome WTF lyric? I'm Misty Kingma your favorite music host thanks so much for watching ClevverMusic. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!