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    Nov 12 - Homily: Christian Unity


    by AirMaria

    Homily #131112 ( 13min) Play -That we all may be one. The principle of unity in the church finds it's model in the love and oneness of the Blessed Trinity. We are all called to be mediators of Christian unity. The Holy Eucharist and the Holy Spirit are principles of unity. The nuptial dimension of the relationship between God and man is actualized by Jesus and Mary in cooperation with God's will. Our cooperation in this bond mirrors this relationship between divinity and humanity. We are called to this unity and we are called to bring about and preserve unity.
    Ave Maria!
    Mass: St. Josaphat - Mem - Form:?OF
    Readings:?Tuesday 32nd Week of Ordinary Time
    1st: wis 2:23-3:9
    Resp: psa 34:2-3, 16-17, 18-19
    Gsp: luk 17:7-10
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