Missing Girl Surfaces in Mexico 9 Years After Disappearance

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A girl who disappeared 9 years ago has been found living in Mexico with a husband and three children.

Connie Lynn McCallister of Wausau, Wisconsin was just 16 when she disappeared.

Now, 9 years later, she’s been found living in Mexico with a husband and three children.

On the night she vanished, McCallister called her sister and said that she and her then-boyfriend were at a party near Milwaukee.

She also told her sibling that he wouldn’t let her go home.

Details following the call are fuzzy, but the next thing McCallister remembers, she was waking up in Mexico.

Its been reported that the 22-year-old boyfriend had a history of both drugging and beating her.

McCallister was able to get away from him 3 years after they arrived in Mexico when she gave birth to her first child.

Hospital workers helped her change her identity and she went on to work in the fields.

During this time McCallister met her current – and kinder – husband and gave birth to two more children.

Together, the couple met a missionary and reported that she was a missing person, leading to her family being informed of her whereabouts.

She is hoping to be back in the US for the holidays and that her new family can join her soon after.