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    Teen Goes on Rampage After Being Woken Up for School

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    A teenager went on a rampage after his mother attempted to wake him up for school.

    Many kids and parents would argue that the schools start way too early in the morning. One mother in Athens, Georgia attempted to wake up her 14-year-old child for school, but he simply refused to get out of bed. Desperate, the mother threatened to throw water on him and she ended up doing just that after her verbal warnings went ignored.

    After the water was poured on him, the boy jumped out of bed and went on a rampage inside the home. He smashed a window and threw home décor items to the floor breaking them.

    According to the mother, her son had been late to school over two dozen times the past few months because of his difficulty waking up on time. The police were called to the home after the incident.

    A worker with the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice ordered police to charge the boy with criminal damage to property. On the same day of his massive temper tantrum, he was taken to Athens-Clarke County Courthouse for a detention hearing.

    Hopefully the punishment will teach the teen a lesson and force him to wake up for school in the future.