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    Batman vs. Superman (2015) Official Trailer by NMA

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    NMA's Official Trailer for Batman vs. Superman (2015): Scraping the bottom of the creative barrel, Hollywood is once again teaming up with comic book mainstay DC to bring you a movie which looks to us to be best enjoyed in installments while doing something more productive—like sitting on the toilet strenuously emptying the contents of your bowel one hour after enjoying a microwave-reheated Indian curry.

    In the vein of Alien vs. Predator, Warner Bros. has decided to take two things which you love, like say tacos and choc-mint ice cream, and combine them into a repulsive and noxious brown, chunky paste unfit for farm livestock, or modern film-goers.

    The abomination which Batman vs. Superman could well turn out be may or may not deserve your hard-earned attention. But you know what does? NMA's official trailer of said film: a contemporary treatise on brotherhood, deception, betrayal and infidelity. Not all superhero movies have happy endings.


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