Lady Gaga Debuts Volantis "Flying Dress" at ArtRave ARTPOP Album Release Party!


by ClevverMusic

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Lady Gaga Flies at ArtRave ARTPOP release party!
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Art and Pop collide as Lady Gaga hosts her artRave album release party debuting a 'flying dress'! Hey Little Monsters, thanks for celebrating here with us at ClevverMusic. As promised on November 10th at Brooklyn's Navy Yard Lady Gaga held her very own artRave to celebrate ARTPOP's release! We found out before the event that the album went on iTunes a little early and Monsters were able to get the album before the rave even began. Also before the party Gaga (in a white astronaut outfit) held a press conference where she debuted "Volantis"- the first ever flying dress! The dress features a white hovercraft type vehicle with a white female silhouette as the dress. Of course Gaga tested the dress for folks at the conference; the beta version can hover 3 feet about the ground! Leave it to Gaga. I guess she's just prepping for her Virgin Galactic space flight in 2015. When it was finally time for the Rave, Gaga was about 45 minutes late, but everyone seemed to be having a good time regardless. The live VEVO stream showed a 2 story blue and pink rave with people dressed as creatures, kids making out, strobe lights, with lots of drink and 5 new Jeff Koons statues. Also featured at the rave were other works of art by Gaga's pals such as Marina Abramovic. A banner lined the room reading "GAGA KOONS GAGA KOONS" loudly confirming their partnership for ARTPOP. Of course Gaga's pal DJ White Shadow was spinning beats in the room as everyone waited for her arrival. Gaga finally appeared in front of her ARTPOP album statue and gazing ball in a white latex dress, mask, and black pointy hat starting with Machete Kills song "Aura"! She danced around her own statue singing as party goers sang along, impressively already knowing all they lyrics. Next she did title track "ARTPOP" now strutting the catwalk. After that song she took off part of her outfit and spoke to the party, "Tonight will be a change, from art to pop and back again... let's blast off!" Then appropriately Gaga sings her galactic song "Venus", now on a high flying white platform with her backup dancers and does a little bit on the guitar. Following Gaga previewed the rest of the new album tracks including "Manicure", "Sexx Dreams", and dedicates "Gypsy" to her pal Jeff Koons, thanking him for his sculptures and collaborative efforts. Mother Monster follows that with "Dope", changes outfits for "Applause" and ends the night with a bang doing her current single "Do What U Want". What an out of this world night to experience first-hand, we would have given anything to be there! Luckily Monsters can stream the event on Vevo as many times as they want. And there's more where that came from! Gaga showed up to the artRave red carpet in this alien inspired black ensemble. As we celebrate the release of ARTPOP tell us what you thought of artRave and Volantis! Thanks so much for watching ClevverMusic, we do it for you guys. I'm Misty Kingma I'll see you very soon Little Monsters.

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