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    Poland: Clashes erupt between far-right protesters and left-wing squatters

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    In Warsaw, Polish Independence Day celebrations turned violent for the third year in a row following an attack on a left-wing squat by a group of far-right youths.

    It’s the third year in a row the march broke down into running battles in the middle of Warsaw between rioters throwing rocks and petrol bombs and police using rubber bullets, truncheons and pepper spray.

    Part of the crowd set a fire outside the Russian embassy – a symbol for some Poles of repression during soviet rule.

    Before the violence broke out at Monday’s march, demonstraters chanted: “God, honour, fatherland!” and waved the red-and-white national flag.

    “I believe that Polishness is under threat,” said one marcher, Grzegorz, who said he was 30. “The Polish government is incompetent and a threat to Polishness.”

    Another protester, who gave his name as Mateusz, said he had some to “manifest my patriotism.”

    Police made several arrests. Five officers were taken to hospital, according to local media.