DEBATE - Iran Nuclear Talks: Who Scuppered The Deal? (part 2)

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Last week there was enthusiasm on all sides as world powers met with a delegation from Tehran in Geneva. Iran's foreign minister said he was hopeful of a deal by Friday, but after two days of tough negotiations, all they managed to agree on was that they would meet again in just over a week's time. So what went wrong? Laura Cellier and her guests discuss if we are any closer to an end to the 11-year nuclear standoff between Iran and the West.

Meir JAVEDANFAR, Lecturer in Contemporary Iranian Politics;
Arnaud CASTAIGNET, Journalist and International Politics Specialist;
Laurie DUNDON, Former Senior Advisor to the US State Department;
Lawrence J. HAAS, Senior Fellow, American Foreign Policy Council.

Produced and prepared by Emma Jones and Haxie Meyers-Belkin
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