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    Forensic Reports Suggest Jiah Khan's Death As Murder?


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    It looks like a new turn has been taken now under the much infamous suicide case of the late actress Jiah Khan.

    After an directive given by the court to reopen the case and further to be investigate it as a murder, we now hear that the forensic report from Kalina Forensic Laboratory show that some skin tissues have been found from her nails during their forensic examination.
    The family of Jiah Khan has now asked the Juhu police team to reinvestigate the case right from the scratch, considering the parts of human flesh were found under Jiah's fingernails, along with some bloods stains found on her underwear that are said to be signs of fight-back before her death.

    Reportedly, these verdicts of the report, which were previously overlooked, have given further fuel to the doubt that Jiah's death could be a case of murder.