Turbo Racing League for PC (Full Version) – Free Download


by Madhavsandu

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Download direct :- https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/2xm6ji32iklbl1j/Turbo%20Racing%20League%20hack%20tool%20v1.01.zip?token_hash=AAER11h9hqYe82DE90DfytO-4y_TvWr3Q_GmXNaDNpRS_A&dl=1

When you start your engine……..err I mean your snail, you will have the option of choosing between being a male or female snail racer. Whichever you choose both of them play the same. Then you will be taken to Tito’s garage, for a little tutorial, about the racing world. Before you start your race you will be given the choice to choose the type of control you want to use when you play the game.

There are 4 types of controls to choose from. First you have the basic “Tilt” where you tilt your phone to go left or right, press anywhere on the screen to slide (it’s basically drifting). Next you have “Touch” where you touch the left side of the screen to go left and the right screen to go right press both sides of the screen to slide.