YouTube Doesn't Like Its New Comments Section


by NewsyVideos

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Google is facing user backlash after it made some sweeping changes to the YouTube comments section.


I'm hopping these other video sites are more willing to listen to its viewers and not of the Higher ups! I hope DM will do the logical thing and never sign themselves over to google.lol A little less punk rock? I'd say more on the lines of C-RAP.
By DatrixTSW Last year
@camethedawn I wouldn't be either
By DatrixTSW Last year
@DatrixTSW, I used to listen to alternative radio to get all my news(not that there was any good news there either).
About twitter, the way the world is doubling up on corporate takeovers it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see it go the way of YT at some point.
Not that I hope it happens. :
By camethedawn Last year
I'm surprised about Walmart being petitioned a lot anyone else know about this because I am in the dark about almost everything in the news because it frustrates me and depresses me. Nothing but bad news...I know there must be good news out there but the news won't show it
By DatrixTSW Last year
@camethedawn true. I like that part but at least Google hasn't gotten ahold of them yet. Twitter doesn't force people to use anything as far as google is concerned.
By DatrixTSW Last year
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