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    BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Wonder Woman Casting List Revealed?


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    BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Wonder Woman Casting List Revealed?
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    We have the short list of actresses in Hollywood who might be testing for Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman. This is according to Variety whose sources have heard that Fast and Furious actress Gal Gadot and GI Joe Retaliations Elodie Yung we being tested for an unknown role in Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman/Superman film which is right now set to hit theaters July 17, 2015. And our pals over at Schmoes Know also heard from a source that Oblivions Olga Kurylenko had been or would be testing for a female lead as well. Now, it is possible that the role that these actresses have been called in for is for a role other than for Wonder Woman. Another reasonable possibility is that they have auditioned for the role of Bruce Wayne's love interest. However, with a casting breakdown that is looking for a quote "tall, brunette, athletic and exotic" female, we can't help but think that this would be the exact description of Diana Prince. We reported that Thor star, Jamie Alexander was hinting that she had once been in discussions with the Warner Bros team about a superhero project, leaving a lot of folks to believe that she might have been approached to play Wonder Woman, but she likely will be too tied up in future Marvel properties to be able to step away to play such a role in a competing universe's movie. Now, if these actress are being tested for the role of Wonder Woman, it is possible that we may not see the character as the heroine in this next movie. We may be just introduced to her as Diana Prince, or if we do actually see Wonder Woman, it may just be as a small cameo in order to give us something to look forward to for that Justice League movie. Rumors or not, what do you all think about these actresses being called in for leading roles in Batman vs Superman? And could you see any one of them playing Wonder Woman? Let us know what you're thinking, and if you haven't yet make sure you head on over to our Facebook and Twitter pages and like and follow us over there too! From our Clevver headquarters, Im Erin Robinson, and Ill see you next time.

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