Unboxing the Nintendo Wii Mini



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The company's no-frills $99 console makes its way stateside. Scott Stein unboxes the brand-new Nintendo Wii Mini.


I can understand certain things like removing the gamecube support, but why did they remove the Wifi and etc from the system? Dumb decision on Nintendo's part, since the Virtual Console and Wii Ware is basically some free money for them. Also, I am disappointed that after all these years, they couldnt really slim down the console, the Mini seems to only be about 10% smaller than the regular wii. I was hoping they would have managed a PS2 slim-esque slimness to it or at least built in the power supply. Im glad that I got the Red Wii that was the 25th anniversary of mario edition.
By Downphoenix Last year
wii sucks.
By goku Last year