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    Pembroke Welsh Corgis Could Become Endangered

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    Pembroke Welsh Corgis may soon be named on the list of endangered breeds.

    There are countless dog breeds that can be considered adorable. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are among them, but sadly, there’re not enough of them out there. Corgis may soon end up on the list of endangered breeds.

    The breed just appeared on Britain Kennel Club’s “at watch” compilation, which means the future outlook for them may not be too good. This year, only 241 Pembroke Welsh Corgis were registered.

    In order to be kept off the vulnerable breed list, 300 registrations are needed. Authorities with the Britain Kennel Club believe the reduced number of Corgis correlates with an increasing demand for smaller sized breeds like pugs and French bulldogs.

    The decline could also be related to a ban on tail cutting in the dog showing industry. As a result of that ban, breeders may have pulled away from Corgis since many believe that their appearance isn’t up to par without tail docking.

    Although the future is gloomy at this point, the decline might be temporary. Dog breeds including the English Setter and the Old English Sheepdog previously saw a decline in registrations, but those numbers later rebounded.