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    Drunken Man Ends Up Taking Cab to Wrong Country

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A highly intoxicated male hopped inside a cab and asked the driver to take him home but instead ended in another country.

    Hiring a taxi is the responsible thing to do after a night of drinking. But for one well meaning man, that didn’t turn out too great. The highly intoxicated male hopped inside the cab and asked the driver to take him home, which is pronounced nach Hause in German.

    However his slurred speech made it difficult to understand leading the driver of the taxi to believe he asked to go to nach Hauset, which is in Belgium….no where near the male’s residence in Herzogenrath.

    The car soon stopped in the small village, nearly 2 miles from the German border. In his very drunken state, the 27-year-old passenger didn’t realize the terrible mistake until he got out of the vehicle and came to the conclusion that his house was nowhere in sight.

    The man then got back in the car and asked to be taken home.

    The bill came to about $95. The intoxicated male didn’t have enough cash to pay and is now facing legal troubles, as he’s been charged with fraud.