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    Man Planning to Sell Testicle

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    One man from Las Vegas is making plans to sell one of his testicles as part of a medical trial.

    Mark Parisi can be considered an expert participant in the world of clinical studies. He makes good money , earns free goodies and medical checkups taking part in research and trials.

    He will appear on a future episode of the TLC show 'Extreme Cheapskates’ chronicling his testicle selling journey and other seemingly crazy stunts he has done in the past to earn some money. Mark spoke of the upcoming genital trial, claiming that he is going to donate one of his testicles.

    An artificial testicle will then be placed inside his body to fill the soon to be vacant spot where the real one was. He claimed the procedure and experiment aftermath would take a total of 2 weeks and after that he would walk away with 35 thousand dollars.

    Parisi is no stranger to the world of bizarre medical trials. He has taken part in an Ebola virus study. Parisi previously agreed to participate in a heart stopping experiment, but that one was shut down by the FDA before it could begin.