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    Postal Worker Found Guilty of Exposing Himself While Mowing Lawn

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    Andrew Thomson is in some hot water after he allegedly stripped naked from the waist down in the garden of his front lawn and gave passerbys an unwelcome view.

    A home is usually where a person feels safe. It’s the one place where someone can let their hair down …. usually.

    Andrew Thomson is hot water after he allegedly stripped naked from the waist down in his front garden and gave passersby an unwelcome view. 45-year-old Thomson, who lives near Pitlochry, Scotland was wearing only a t-shirt.

    He allegedly had no pants or underwear on, leaving his private parts fully exposed to the world. He recently landed in court, facing charges which resulted from his stunt.

    It was said in the courtroom that he would lift his arms every time a car or pedestrian passed by his home so the lower nude portion of his body could be seen. Thomson tried to say he was wearing boxer shorts while cutting the grass, but witnesses to the spectacle claimed his genitals were fully free.

    Thomson, who works as a postman was found guilty of “indecently breaching the peace”. The not-so-wholesome postal worker reportedly has a criminal history.

    He was convicted of cultivating marijuana back in 2011. Amazingly, he managed to keep his job after that incident.