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    Thieves Steal Over 150 Sheep in Town of 'Wool'

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    In one recent case, over 150 sheep were taken from the English town of Wool.

    Some thieves appear to specialize in grabbing headlines. Take one recent case in which 160 sheep were stolen from their field in the English town of Wool.

    Local police are baffled by the crime. It remains unknown when they were actually swiped, but law enforcement believes the animals were loaded up sometime between Saturday morning and Monday afternoon recently.
    The sheep all have electronic tags and they are also distinguishable by their color markings, but thus far no leads have panned out.Constable Adam Taylor from Wareham police is pleading with the public for information.

    Taylor stated “The thieves would have needed a good understanding of livestock and used a large vehicle, possibly a six or eight wheeler type lorry, to move the sheep. I am appealing to witnesses and anyone who may have seen any unusual activity in the area around this time.”

    Law enforcement authorities pointed out that the thieves may be trying to sell the sheep for ridiculously low prices.

    If any local resident is approached for a sale, they are asked to contact police immediately.