IN THE PAPERS - 'Guns & Ammo' fires editor for pro-gun control article

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INTERNATIONAL PAPERS – Fri. 08.11.13: A historic nuclear deal between Iran and the West could be in sight. The Daily Telegraph takes a look at the details of the deal. Also, the World Health Organization fears polio in Syria could spread to Europe, a controversial shooting in Detroit raises questions and the editor of a gun enthusiasts’ magazine in the US is fired for writing a pro-gun control column.
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Some articles from today’s International press review:  
TELEGRAPH: US offers short term nuclear deal to Iran
LE MONDE: Why now is the time to negotiate with Iran
WALL STREET JOURNAL: “US and Iran thaw grew from years of negotiations”
INDEPENDENT: “Polio outbreak could reach Europe”
GUARDIAN: Saudis to spend millions “fighting two wars”
DETROIT FREE PRESS: Questions swirl around woman’s shooting death
SLATE: ”Guns & Ammo” fires Editor

TIME: “Your knee bone’s connected to your…”

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