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    Geto Boys - My Mind Is Playin' Tricks

    Club Love

    by Club Love

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    "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" was the only number 1 single (chart: Hot Rap Singles) ever released by the Geto Boys.

    It was featured on their 1991 album We Can't Be Stopped. Bushwick Bill (a.k.a. Dr. Wolfgang Von Bushwickin the Barbarian Mother Funky Stay High Dollar Billstir) continued on with other records with both a solo career, and later updated records with The Geto Boys.

    It is the most successful Geto Boys single ever based on its gold certification. [1] Not so oddly, it is on the most successful Geto Boys album based on its platinum certification.

    "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" heavily samples Isaac Hayes's song "Hung Up On My Baby" (1974) from the Tough Guys soundtrack.