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    Nas Ft. Quan - Just A Moment

    Can we please have a moment of silence?
    That's for my niggaz doin' years in confinement
    And for my soldiers who passed over, no longer living
    That couldn't run whenever the reaper came to get 'em
    Can we please pour out some liquor?
    Symobolizin', let's take in time to consider that
    Though our thugs ain't here, the love is here
    And we gon' rep 'til slugs kill us here
    This for my dawgs stuck in the struggle tryin' to gain
    Smokin' trauma, sniffin' Ra while sellin' cocaine
    Trapped in the game, not knowin' how to stop and get by
    To live it alive, so instead they live it to die
    Can we please have a moment of peace?
    For every G that fell for his flag in the streets
    Bloodin' and thuggin', folkin' and lokin'
    Crypin' and creepin', Latin and kingin'
    Or just for poor righteous teachin'
    [Chorus: Quan sings]
    As days goes and nights fall
    For the rest of our life we'll miss y'all
    And even though life must go on, we'll still mourn
    While wishin' y'all were home
    Yeah, and can we have another moment of silence?
    For brothers who died from black-on-black violence
    From here to the Dark Continent were rebels sell diamonds
    To clients allover the world, got little Black girls dyin'
    And can we please pour some more liquors?
    For Will, Bokeem, Bar, Pappy -- my niggaz
    Here's another Warrior Song from Nasty and Quan
    It's to him I pass the baton to carry this on
    Street's Disciple, salute to those who's gone with bullets
    And I promise through rhymin' Quan gon' rep his life to the fullest
    And can we please have a moment of truth?
    For soldiers and troops away with helmets and boots
    And families back home who pray they make it home safe
    Hopin' that they don't get hit with a stray or missiles
    This is just a moment to let you all know that we miss you
    Mommy I'm still here, wishin' I was there with you
    Let's take 'em home
    And can we please have a moment to mourn?
    For Pac, Biggie and Pun 'cause through us they live on...