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    UFO Baby Episode 39 Odex dub (READ THE ABOUT TAB)

    Roy Lam

    by Roy Lam

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    This video is dual sound, meaning that both the Japanese and English audio tracks play at the same time.
    To watch with only one audio track, follow the directions here:

    Turn off one of the speakers by turning the volume down to zero.
    The "L" Speaker is for ENGLISH and the "R" Speaker is for JAPANESE

    Alternatively plug in ONLY ONE speaker of to listen to only one audio track.
    Plug in the LEFT SPEAKER for English audio and the RIGHT SPEAKER for Japanese audio.

    I suggest watching with Japanese audio for these episodes.
    The reason why is because the cast changes almost completely starting from episode 27,
    and the quality goes WAY downhill from there.

    On the plus side, the subtitles have improved tremendously, with very few errors, and a script that's even more faithful to the original than the dub script.

    This English dub was produced by Voiceovers Unlimited for distribution by Odex.
    It is an entirely different dub from the one aired by Animax.