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    Afshine Ash Emrani, M.D., F.A.C.C., Q.M.E. Video - Tarzana, CA United States


    by SmartShoot

    Dr. Afshine Emrani, MD, FACC of Los Angeles Heart Specialists has been well recognized amongst his peers as a leading clinical cardiologist who specializes in the field of prevention. He has practiced in the Los Angeles area for the past fifteen years and has been recognized as a teacher and mentor to students as well as Assistant Clinical Professor, U.C.L.A. at the David Geffen School of Medicine. L A Heart Specialists enables you to make health and lifestyle decisions that will support your long-term wellness. Through preventive care and early diagnosis, we can help you address any undetected health issues—and give you the peace of mind that can only come with a thorough picture of your health. Our services include:
    •Genetic lipid profile analysis
    •H. Pylori breath test for stomach ulcer
    •Stress echocardiography treadmill test
    •Stress cardiopulmonary fitness assessment with VO2 max
    •DEXA axial bone densitometry
    •Bioelectrical impedance analysis of body fat composition
    •Nutrition counseling
    •Immunizations and vaccinations
    •Complete laboratory blood and urine examination
    •24-hour Holter monitor of the heart
    •Pulmonary function test – with loop testing
    •Venous study of the lower extremities for varicose veins
    Weight loss
    Concierge level care without the added costs!