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    Bad Superhero Movies: Batman And Robin 1


    by askmen

    Not even George Clooney could save this one! Granted, Clooney as the Caped Crusader was never a natural fit and the charismatic actor has said as much in recent years. Remember, it takes a lot to kill a franchise, but that's exactly what this movie did! Already on somewhat shaky ground following Batman Forever in 1995, the sequel two years later was the last straw. Even the most die-hard comic fans can't even find something nice to say about this train wreck. As writer Michael J. Nelson said, "Batman & Robin is not the worst movie ever. No, indeed. It's the worst thing ever. Yes, it's the single worst thing that we as human beings have ever produced in recorded history." That about sums it up, we think. If you choose to watch this one over any installment of Christopher Nolan's brilliant "Dark Knight" trilogy, then we shudder to think what else is in your film library!