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    The Cheats - "Better Than the Rest" Screaming Crow Records


    by BlankTV

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    The Cheats - "Better Than the Rest" Screaming Crow Records - A BlankTV Feature!

    Artist city, country: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

    Artist Biography: Born in the rusty ashes of the once blue collar steel town of Pittsburgh, PA in 2001, The Cheats are pure rock n' roll, tailor-made for beer baths, shout-alongs and the inevitable purge after a long, hard night of drinking. Guitar driven, Marshall stack thumping, good time Punk Rock n' Ruckus at its best.

    With several line-up changes throughout the years you can definitely hear a progression in The Cheat's music over the past three albums, but one thing has always remained constant... their great live show. If you don't leave the club covered in Pabst Blue Ribbon and your hair singed by frontman Todd Porter's fire-breathing antics, then you weren't there.

    "In the beginning we wanted to play old school, late 70s punk rock," says singer Todd Porter who has also fronted such underground acts as garage rockers, Silver Tongued Devil (People Like You/Century Media) and the 80s thrashers, Eviction (Metal Blade).

    There were a lot of problems to overcome in the making of The Cheats, third and most ambitious album. The drums were recorded two years ago in an old 70s studio clad in orange shag carpet that once graced Pittsburgh rock icons, Donnie Iris and Wild Cherry. With producer/engineer Eric Klinger (Pro-Pain, The Spudmonsters) at the helm again schedules soon became conflicted. Then towards the end of the project, Klinger moved to Europe, forcing guitarist Eric Wrecker to take over the final recording duties in his home studio. When all the tracks were final, everything was shipped overseas for final mixing.

    "It was a nightmare," says guitarist Mark Serpico. "Discussions and changes that would have taken five minutes in the studio took weeks via email. With the time difference and everyone giving their two cents, it became impossible."

    However difficult the journey, The Cheats made it out the other side with a powerful new album. With the hard rock guitar dueling of Mark Serpico and Eric Wrecker backed by the bottom end rhythm of bassist Tito Fishmocker and the solid back beat of drummer Aaron Judgement, The Cheats are poised to march to the top of the Punk Rock mountain.

    The Cheats are a breath of fresh air that happens to smell like stale beer, cigarettes and dirty sex. Not only do they play it, they live it! And their third album, "Pussyfootin" is a howling product of that sweaty excess. Thirteen tracks of heartbreak, booze and debauchery at its best.

    Director Name: Eric Corbin
    Producer Name: Larry Dawgiello, Jim Pitulski

    About The Video: Plagued by lost footage and bad luck, this video was a year in the making. The first single off The Cheats latest album, "Pussyfootin."

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    Label Name: Screaming Crow Records
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