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    Manathe Kottaram | Malayalam Film Part 3 of 6 | Mala Aravindan, Harisree Asokan

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    by Lehren Movies

    "Manathe Kottaram | Malayalam Film Part 3 of 6

    The Movie goes through the Cinema dreams of some bachilors.One thing about this movie is you never feel any lagging points throughout the movie.The Director Sunil has done every portion well mixed with humour and made this a very good & entertaining.The Movie starts with the Humourous spots in them. They run a Soda Factory. They are hardcore Khushbu fans too. One day Khushbu reaches there for shoot.All they get delighted.And they rushes to see Khushbu. You may find very funny snaps while they try to her. Dileep manages to see Khushbu and she get impressed in Dileep.Dileep gets a chance for a movie.Then the movie goes in to some hard sequences. Khusbu's uncle tries to grab her all wealth.He Kidnaps her,what may happen next?? Watch full Movie