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    1001 Arapska Noc -G. Maradi - 1001 Arabian Night

    Branko Stojanovski

    by Branko Stojanovski

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    She shone in the darkness, and day appeared
    As the trees shed brightness over her.
    Her radiance makes suns rise and shine,
    While, as for moons, she covers them in shame.
    When veils are rent and she appears,
    All things bow down before her.
    As lightning flashes from her sanctuary,
    A rain of tears floods down.
    Do not put your trust in women
    Or believe their covenants.
    Their satisfaction and their anger
    Both depend on their private parts.
    They make a false display of love,
    But their clothes are stuffed with treachery.
    Take a lesson from the tale of Joseph,
    And you will find some of their tricks.
    Do you not see that your father, Adam,
    Was driven out from Eden thanks to them?