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    Nicki Minaj New Bedside Twerk Video!


    by ClevverMusic

    Nicki Minaj reveals new Bedside Twerk Video!
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    Nicki Minaj continues to reinvent the twerk, this time with the help of her ladies! Hey Barbz this is Clevvermusic, thanks for hanging out. Nicki Minaj known for her luscious booty, rap rhyming and twerking has done it again. Just last night Nicki posted a brand new twerk video on her Instagram, check it out.
    So this time Nicki is apparently teaching (or being taught) some fresh twerking with the help of four girlfriends. They seem to be in a makeup or wardrobe room on set and need a little break. Since twerking is actually harder than it looks we see the girls use the bed as a prop and doing the new 'bedside twerk'. If you recall, Nicki recently posted this pic on Instagram which is now being dubbed 'The Twerk Sit'. No, we can't deny Nicki's ownership of all things female twerking. Remember when Ellen Degeneres surprised us with Nicki's very own Extreme Home Twerk Out DVD commercial? Genius. Tell us if you're loving these new twerk version or you're begging for it to go away altogether. I'm Misty Kingma this is ClevverMusic, I hope you had fun with us today, see you next time. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!