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    Advertising Agency Markets Broccoli

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    Can broccoli be marketed to make it more appealing to consumers?

    Convincing the American public to eat healthy foods has been difficult.

    Marketing and advertising remains a big part of any company or brand’s commercial appeal.

    This is the specialty of ad agencies like Victors & Spoils who have worked on campaigns for huge food companies like Coca-Cola, Quiznos and General Mills.

    When they asked participants to write a eulogy for broccoli to see how they felt about it, the results showed that people didn’t have many positive things to say about the vegetable.

    The ad agency suggested the best way to market broccoli was to start an imaginary competition with kale.

    According to a 2010 study from the US Department of Agriculture, as well as Health and Human Services, only 5 percent of Americans under the age of 50 are consuming the daily recommended amount of vegetables.

    The United States government is encouraging produce companies to market healthy foods to children the same way fast food companies have so successfully been able to do.