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    Monsters 1 (the movie)

    Erich and Eric

    by Erich and Eric

    1 692 views
    Eric Modyman as The Spirit
    Erich Schroeder as Mimeito
    Amanda Avila as Blizzard
    Meghan English as Poison Oak
    Danielle Carriedo as Pyra
    Candace Kraft as Dr. Marcoh

    Monsters began as high school film project written by Eric Modyman and filmed by Erich Schroeder.

    The story involves 5 teenagers (Eric, Joey, Nina, Trixi, and Nicole), and a mad scientist named Dr. Marcoh. Marcoh requests that the teens take part in a survey for Monster energy drink. However, after they drink it, they all pass out and wake up in strange new outfits. They find Marcoh, who tells them that they have just been used as lab experiments for a super soldier formula. Each one recieved a unique power based on what they drank. However, the formula has not been perfected, and they also have a weakness. Poison Oak (Trixi) and Pyra (Nicole) decide to use their powers for their own selfish needs, and its up to The Spirit (Eric), Mimeito (Joey), and Blizzard (Nina) to stop them!