Masked marchers hold rallies in cities worldwide on Guy Fawkes Day

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Activists from the umbrella group Anonymous donned their Guy Fawkes masks on November 5 as they held a rally outside the White House.

The 1605 failed assassin who tried to blow up the English parliament has become the symbol of the group which has various concerns including spying governments, education and war.

Demonstrator Doug Johnson explained why he was taking part:part:

“I’m just here, I’m trying to help the American people wake up a little bit and know that it’s our life, it’s our world and we can do with it what we want and we can make it a better place if we all choose to and if we all work together.”

Marking the day Guy Fawkes is remembered in the UK, members of Anonymous called for so-called “Million Mask March” rallies in cities across the world from London to Sydney and Manila to Toronto.